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The beard competition at the #Michgan Renaissance Festival! #feedyourbeard #beardbalm

gladdendontiny said: What does beard balm smell of?

The blood and tears of inferior beards. 

Hair Food Villains: 5 Foods that Weaken Your Hair


Sodas and Other Food High in Sugar

How can sugar be bad to your hair when almost everything that’s delicious is made up of sugar? Well, anything that is excessive may cause harm to your body and it’s time that you cut your sugar consumption. Sugar is not only one of the major factors in the early…

Take care of your hair. 

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Beard The World, Balm A Friend!
Happy Labor Day! Ron Swanson once said “Never half-ass two things. Whole-ass one thing.” So make sure you whole ass your #laborday celebration today! #feedyourbeard #beardbalm
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